What Is Home Sale Express?



Traditional real estate transactions are a massive undertaking that can take up to 3 MONTHS or longer to complete! However, they do offer crucial legal protections for both buyer and seller. Unfortunately for buyers, that comes with a non-transparent offer process that leaves buyers taking shots in the dark in a multiple offer scenario hoping that their offer will be accepted.

Home Sale Express Online Auction Selling System combines the transparency of the Auction method of selling Real Estate, with all of the protections afforded a Traditional Real Estate transaction.


You EXPECT TOP DOLLAR for your home, no matter the market conditions. You want a NO HASSLE sale that allows you MAXIMUM PROFIT. The seller should also retain absolute control of which offers they accept, reject, or negotiate.

All potential bidders are pre-approved by us before they can bid at our Online Auction Event. Most sellers provide a Home Inspection done prior to the Auction. This helps Alleviate Last Minute SURPRISES, while giving the buyer more confidence in placing bids on a particular property.

THE SELLER sets the date for the selling event. This can be any weekend of their choosing, allowing them peace of mind and total flexibility.

The Seller also determines the minimum price they're willing to accept, and no bids below this number will be accepted. This is what is referred to an Undisclosed Minimum Reserve, similar to how eBay auctions are conducted.

After the final bidding process is over, the winning bidder will be determined. Once accepted, a Standard Offer to Purchase & Contract will be executed with the price and terms set forth at the auction. Back-up purchase agreements can also be taken.

There is absolutely no risk in using this method!


Today’s Real Estate Market can be very frustrating for buyers as they usually spend months making offers on homes without the benefit of knowing how their offer stacks up with other offers presented to the listing agent. The listing agent, as a general rule, does not disclose the offer terms of any offers they receive. The buyer is rolling the dice in hopes that they’ll be the winning buyer. With Home Sale Express, buyers know EXACTLY what the competing bids are at all times during the auction period, making it a totally transparent process. The transparency invites more bidders, creating a competitive and open bidding process.

All that’s needed to bid is a mortgage loan preapproval letter from a local lender and/or proof of funds to complete the transaction. It’s that simple!

The winning bidder will proceed with a STANDARD OFFER TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT which includes a predetermined Due Diligence Fee, Earnest Money Deposit, as well as, Due Diligence and Closing Period time frames. It’s that simple!

Our Auctioneer

Loran Johnson

Loran Johnson

Loran has been involved in the real estate industry since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1984. He was a mortgage banker for 18 years and has been a licensed real estate broker since 1986.

Loran has also been a NC Licensed Auctioneer (NCALB #8822) since 2009.

Currently a member of the Board of Directors for First Fruit Ministries, a local homeless outreach ministry.

He has lived in Wilmington for over 55 years and his family has roots here since the early 1800's. Married for 24 years with 3 awesome children and one wonderful granddaughter.