Help / Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

Do I need an account in order to place a bid on a property?

Yes, registration with is free!.

How do I register?

Registration links are located on the top right corner. Click “Sign” and "DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? REGISTER HERE TO CREATE ONE" ,complete the online registration form and submit your information.

I registered, but I still can’t bid on Auctions.

Once you have registered, you view all properties to include active, sold and auctions.  Your account however must be approved prior to be allowed to place a bid.  If you are having any troubles please contact our team at

How do I reset my password?

Reset password links are located on the top right corner. Click “Sign” and "Forgot Your Password?", submit your username and your password will be sent to.


How do I bid on a property?

Once you are registered for an auction event, placing a bid is a simple click. You will enter the Maxium Bid you are willing to pay for the property. Each property will have an opening price and bid increment. Each bidder receives a confirmation once a bid is placed, and if you are the high bidder you will be notified via email at the conclusion of the auction.

What is an Increment?

An increment is the required amount set by the auction in which bids must be placed.

For example:  Current Bid = $100,000 with $5,000 increment, Bids would start at $100,000 and have to be placed in increments of $5,000.

What is a Maximum Bid?

Once you place a bid you will be asked to submit your Maximum Bid.  Neither the seller or other bidders can see your Maximum bid but instead will be held to "automatically" bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid in the event another bidder makes a bid. 

For example:  Current Bid = $100,000 with $5,000 increment

Next, User 1 places a Max Bid = $150,000, then the Current Bid = $100,000 (User 1, Winning)
Next, User 2 places a Max Bid = $125,000, then the Current Bid = $130,000 (User 1 Auto Bid $125,000 + $5,000 increment, User 1 Winning)
Next, User 2 places a Max Bid = $200,000, then the Current Bid = $155,000 (User 2 Auto Bid $150,000 + $5,000 increment, User 2 Winning)

Do I need to provide proof of funds or a pre-qualification letter prior to bidding on a property?

To bid on any property you simply need to have registered PRIOR to the expiration of the auction  AND provide Proof of Funds or a pre-qualification letter. Once received, your account will be approved.

What happens if someone outbids my Maximum Bid?

If you are out-bid you will receive an email notification to your email on file.  We HIGHLY recommend you follow the auction on-line and refresh your browser as the auction takes place to ensure you get fastest updates possible in the event you are outbid and want to place another bid.

I won!  Now what happens?

After you win an auction, you will receive an email confirmation and someone from will be in touch with you shortly to proceed.